about darcy


I'm darcy and I welcome you to my little world. I have been creating my entire life, and found a deep passion for designing jewelry and working with the earth's beautiful array of stones and pearls. I am mainly self-taught. My designs are recognizable which is an achievement I am very proud of in an extremely saturated market. I welcome custom requests and work to create within your comfortable price range. My expectation is to always exceed yours. I stand by my workmanship and have built a strong foundation of amazing repeat customers through my 19+ years of designing and metalsmithing. I am constantly pushing the limits of my knowledge and am humbled by the vast layers of this extraordinary field I am so fortunate to work in everyday!   


I hope you enjoy my designs, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our desire is to put a little beauty and style into your life, so wear those pearls with your jeans...why not?!!!! 


Peace & Love ❤️